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California criminal defense attorney RJ Manuelian of the Manuelian Law Firm handles all aspects of criminal law in both Federal and State Courts. Refer to our legal services page for more information about the criminal defense that our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer specializes in.

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The elite criminal defense attorneys at Manuelian Law Firm represent clients facing criminal charges in around Los Angeles County, Palmdale, Lancaster, El Monte & various surrounding cities. Get directions to Manuelian Law Firm Criminal Defense Attorney on Google Maps or send us a message now!

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In addition to being a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, RJ Manuelian is an author, a speaker, legal expert, consultant and more.

In addition, RJ Maneualian is a legal commentator for all major media outlets including FOX News, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and has covered high-profile cases. Criminal Justice Attorney R.J. Manuelian also provides expert legal consultation regarding trial strategies and jury selection to both attorneys and law firms across America. We offer a free case consultation with no strings attached, for clients in facing criminal charges in Los Angeles County, Palmdale, Lancaster, El Monte, & San Bernardino County. Speak to the Manuelian Law Firm Criminal Defense Attorney before committing.

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