California Credit Card Fraud Charges 484e PC

Los Angeles Credit Card Fraud Defense Attorney Los Angeles credit card fraud defense attorney R.J. Manuelian offers his experience to achieve the most positive outcome to your fraud case as possible. Fraud is a serious crime that can result in very negative life-altering consequences. Credit card fraud charges include creating counterfeit credit cards, making a fraudulent purchase of lost or stolen credit cards, and use of credit cards to garner personal information for the purpose of identity theft. Credit Card Fraud in California Credit card fraud in California is considered a federal offense. It is illegal to knowingly use a credit card or a credit card’s information including number, owner’s name, billing information, account number to deceive a person or entity into sustaining a loss, while you receive an undeserved gain. Fraudulent Possession and Transfer of a Credit Card Penal Code 484e PC Fraudulent possession and transfer of…

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