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Fraud & Real Estate Fraud

Los Angeles Real Estate Fraud and Real Estate Fraud Criminal Defense Attorney

Los Angeles Real Estate Fraud and Real Estate Fraud Criminal Defense Attorney R.J. Manuelian offers his experience to achieve the most positive outcome to your fraud case as possible. Fraud is a serious crime that can result in very negative life-altering consequences. If you or someone you care about live in the Los Angeles area and have been charged or accused of fraud, it is very important that you seek the legal counsel of an experienced Los Angeles fraud defense lawyer. R.J. Manuelian is that experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. Contact The Manuelian Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.

If You Have Been Accused of Fraud, You Deserve Experienced Legal Representation

You deserve an attorney with an exhaustive understanding of California law who can explain your legal rights, outline the criminal court process, prepare and educate you about what you face and what your options are, and provide with a legal defense that offers you the best chance for a successful case resolution of your fraud charge. A charge of fraud in California means you have violated California law when you “commit an act that results in an unfair or undeserved benefit for yourself, and/or cause harm or loss to another person.” Most fraudulent criminal acts are motivated by financial gain or are the result of an effort to escape criminal culpability.

Contact a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney for Assistance with the Defense of Your Fraud Case

Fraud is a serious crime in California that can result in large fines and/or prison time, depending upon the damage caused. If you or a loved one has been investigated or arrested on a charge of fraud, contact a Los Angeles Real Estate Fraud criminal defense attorney from The Manuelian Law Firm today for assistance. Whether your case ends up in court before a jury at trial or you wish to negotiate a settlement, R.J. Manuelian offers his experience to achieve the most positive outcome to your fraud case as possible.

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Common Fraud Cases in California

Some of the most common fraud cases that are litigated in California courts include:

Real Estate Fraud – Real estate fraud comes in a variety of types. For instance, if you participate in an unlawful property flipping that is based on forged statements or by the presentation of separate claim settlements to a lender or seller in order to procure a large loan or provide false information about your qualifications to accept a loan, you may have committed real estate fraud.

Credit Card Fraud – Credit card fraud is rampant throughout the US. It can involve such criminal offenses as creating counterfeit credit cards, making a fraudulent purchase of lost or stolen credit cards, and use of credit cards to garner personal information for the purpose of identity theft. State and Federal prosecutors are highly uncompromising when it comes to credit card fraud. Thus, you’ll need a sharp, aggressive and experienced credit card fraud defense attorney if you are being investigated for or have been charged with credit card fraud.

Insurance Fraud – Falsifying information on an insurance claim to obtain compensation that would otherwise be difficult to obtain is considered insurance fraud. Insurance fraud can include such deception as:.

Misrepresentation of information about the value of an insured possession.

Purposeful destruction or relocation of an insured possession to collect insurance money.

Fabrication of an injury or accident claim to collect on an insurance policy.

Healthcare Fraud – California prosecutors are vigilant in the prosecution of those who commit or who they think have committed healthcare fraud. Health care fraud or abuse comes in many forms and most often involves unlawful actions performed by a healthcare facility or practitioner in an effort to enhance monetary gain. Some common healthcare abuse that can lead to a charge of fraud includes:.

Invoicing patients for services not rendered.

Invoicing patients for a physician’s care when the patient was treated by a less-qualified healthcare staff member.

Charging patients for procedures that were not provided.

Charging patients for use of unnecessary equipment or for unnecessary tests.

Double billing patients.

Falsification of a patient’s record to generate profits by performing unnecessary tests and procedures.

Prescribing certain medications to receive incentive kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies.


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