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Identity Theft

Los Angeles Identity Theft Defense Attorney

Los Angeles identity theft defense attorney R.J., Manuelian of the Manuelian Law Firm provides aggressive defense for individuals facing identity theft charges or are under investigation for identity theft.

What Is Identity Theft?

Under California Penal Code Section 530 identity theft occurs when a person unlawfully and intentionally acquires and retains possession of personal identifying information of another person. In other words, identity theft occurs when a person uses your personal identifying information without permission to commit fraud or other theft related crimes. Identity theft crimes can include obtaining a consumers:

  • Name
  • Credit card number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Social Security number
  • Bank account information

Penalties for Felony Identity Theft in California

Felony identity theft charges in California carry punishment of 3 years in state prison, court order to pay compensatory damages to the victim(s) that suffered damages, other fines, parole, and/or probation. If you have been charged with an identity theft crime in Los Angeles, or an identity theft crime in Glendale, Beverly Hills, or in Orange County it is important that you seek help from a experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney with extensive experience with identity theft and fraud crimes. Call now for a free consultation and case review at (213) 401-2777.

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California Identity Theft Penal Code Section 530 PC

Identity theft, under 530 PC usually occurs when: a defendant unlawfully gained unauthorized access to a computer’s information or someone else’s sensitive personal information and used that information for financial or personal gain.

This can be achieved by creating a credit card or opening up an account under someone else’s identity in order to obtain money or items which they are not entitled to. 

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Free Consultation

If you or someone you love has been accused of a California identity theft, it is important to understand the penalties that accompany a identity theft conviction. We invite you to contact our the Manuelian Law Firm and speak to a experienced identity theft defense attorney in Los Angeles, CA. Call now for a free consultation and case review at (213) 401-2777.

The elite criminal defense attorneys at Manuelian Law Firm represent clients facing criminal charges in around Los Angeles County, Palmdale, and Lancaster.

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