Sex crimes often occur involving the unlawful touching of one’s genitalia or use of an object or genitalia intended to perform the act of penetration.

Types of Sex Crimes

Several types of sexual-based crimes fall under this area of defense. The following are constituted as sex crime:

Rape– An act of sexual intercourse that occurs when the victim does not consent and is held against their will. The perpetrator and the victim of these crimes are usually not in an intimate relationship (although spousal rape is a separate charge).

Statutory Rape- This crime involves a perpetrator committing a sexual act on an individual who is under the age of consent. Regardless if the “victim” consented to sexual acts with the perpetrator, the latter can still be charged with statutory rape.

Child PornographyPossession of child pornography is a crime in which you may have pornographic or sexually explicit materials that feature persons under the age of eighteen (18). These could be in the form of videos and images. Selling, production, or distribution of child pornography can also face the same penalties as possession.

Internet Sex Crimes: A crime in which the accused intends to commit a sexual act with a minor they have met via the Internet. These encounters are normally set up through online forms of communication (chat rooms, forums, social media, etc.)

Sexual Abuse of A Minor-This crime occurs when a perpetrator coerces or forces a child against their will to submit or perform a sexual act on a person. In some circumstances, sexual abuse of a minor can also be considered statutory rape.