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White Collar Crimes

Los Angeles White Collar Crimes Defense Lawyer

White Collar Crimes Defense

White collar crimes occur in businesses all over the country. Anyone convicted of a white collar crime not only face stiff fines and imprisonment sentences, but also face an uncertain future regarding their career. Most employers shy away from job applicants who are convicted of white collar crimes as they could be a detriment to their business operations. Anyone convicted of a white collar crime have a reputation of not being trusted.

List of White Collar Crimes

The following are considered to be white collar crimes:



-Money Laundering


Get A Defense Attorney You Can Trust

A conviction of a white collar crime is not worth carrying around for the rest of your life. If you have been accused or charged of a white collar crime, RJ Manuelian will help you in your case. Call RJ at (213) 401-2777 for your free consultation.

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Los Angeles Fraud & Real Estate Fraud Lawyer

Fraud is a serious crime that can result in very negative life-altering consequences. If you or someone you care about live in the Los Angeles area and have been charged or accused of fraud, it is very important that you seek the legal counsel of an experienced Los Angeles fraud defense lawyer. R.J. Manuelian is that experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. Contact The Manuelian Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.


If You Have Been Accused of Fraud, You Deserve Experienced Legal Representation

You deserve an attorney with an exhaustive understanding of California law who can explain your legal rights, outline the criminal court process, prepare and educate you about what you face and what your options are, and provide with a legal defense that offers you the best chance for a successful case resolution of your fraud charge. A charge of fraud in California means you have violated California law when you “commit an act that results in an unfair or undeserved benefit for yourself, and/or cause harm or loss to another person.” Most fraudulent criminal acts are motivated by financial gain or are the result of an effort to escape criminal culpability. 

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