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California Criminal Appeal Process

California Criminal Appeal Process

The US appeal process is a process by which a higher court reviews the decision of a lower court to determine if the lower court may have made a mistake in its verdict. A bit different than a regular trial, an appeal is a legal argument made by your attorney before the higher court (in California that would be the California Supreme Court or the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals) to challenge the decision of the lower court. Again, both sides of the issue are heard, but no new evidence may be admitted unless some exceptional circumstance exists, and no new witnesses are called. The job of the higher court is to listen to arguments both pro and con to the lower court’s decision and examine the trial to determine if the lower court erred in the interpretation or application of law.

What Are the Circumstances Under Which a Criminal Case Qualifies for an Appeal?

While many very good reasons usually exist when an appeal is heard, some of the more common mistakes that occur in a lower court which make their way to appeal include various including:

  • A defense attorney made mistakes which deprived his client of effective assistance during the trying of the case; or
  • A defense attorney made mistakes which deprived his client of effective assistance during the trying of the case; or
  • A prosecutor made an unintentional error during trial; or
  • A prosecutor participated in intentional misconduct during trial; or
  • The jury was permitted to hear prosecutorial evidence that was supposed to be excluded

Appeal a California Criminal Conviction

All defendants have the right to appeal a California criminal conviction. Everyone makes mistakes, and judges, attorneys and prosecutors are all fallible. Judges make incorrect rulings, prosecutors overstep their rights, and defense attorneys err in the representation of clients. Consequently, some criminal defendants who are innocent receive an unfair verdict and sentence and shouldn’t be made to suffer needlessly.

Right To a Fair Criminal Trial

The US court systems are designed to protect the rights of all citizens and see that every defendant gets a fair trial. When that doesn’t happen, may innocent defendants simply accept the verdict, serve the time, and go on. But, you don’t have to. In many cases, verdicts are reversed when defendants engage a California appellate attorney and appeal a criminal conviction.

Criminal Defense Appellant’s Attorney

An often intimidating institution, the US legal system is best challenged with an experienced criminal defense appellant’s lawyer by your side. Rather than endure a lifetime of injustice if you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime in California, you should seek the assistance of a skilled lawyer who can examine your case to uncover the potential causes for your inappropriate sentence or wrongful conviction.

Criminal Appeal Defense Attorney

Proving a previously convicted defendant is innocent is difficult, but if you have been wrongfully convicted, you do have the right to exercise your right to appeal your case. If you have been wrongfully sentenced or convicted in California, R.J. Manuelian invites you to contact him for a review of your trial. As an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney and California appellant’s lawyer, R.J. has the skill you want on your side when you appeal your case. Don’t suffer the consequences for a crime you didn’t commit. Contact R.J. today at 213-401-2777 for a review of your case.

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