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Credit Card Fraud Penal Code 484e

Credit Card Fraud Penal Code 484e

Credit Card Fraud Penal Code 484e covers the acts of stealing, transferring or acquiring another person’s credit/debit card or account information without the cardholder’s consent. Under this Penal Code Section, anyone who “sells, transfers, or conveys, an access card, without the cardholder’s or issuer’s consent” may be charged with Grand Theft.

California Penalties Credit Card Fraud

California penalties for credit card fraud PC 484e can be charged as misdemeanor or felony and is a “wobbler” offense. Depending on the facts of the case and defendant’s criminal history the prosecution may decide to charge the defendant under felony credit card fraud or misdemeanor. Although, engaging in credit card fraud or related credit card fraud activities can carry a punishment of up to 10 years in prison under federal law. Depending on the circumstances and the type of fraud involved, the penalty in some cases can result in up to 20 years in prison.

Penalties for Misdemeanor Credit Card Fraud Penal Code 484e Conviction

Penalties for misdemeanor Credit Card Penal Code 484e conviction include the following:

  • Up to one year in a county jail
  • A fine up to $1,000

Penalties for Felony Credit Card Fraud Conviction Under Penal Code 484e

Penalties for a felony Credit Card Penal Code 484e conviction generally involve cases where the defendant used the card or its information and acquired property or goods worth more than $950, which is grand theft. As such penalties for felony conviction include:

  • Probation and up to one year in a county jail
  • 16 months, two or three years in a county jail,
  • A fine up to $10,000

Types of Credit Card Fraud in California

There are a various ways a defendants can be charged with credit card fraud. One of the most common ways involve the defendant purchasing items from a store with a stolen credit card and using a stolen credit card to purchase items for sale on the Internet.

Common Examples of Credit Card Fraud

Common examples of California credit card fraud include:

  • Internet hacking involving unauthorized hacking into a website with the intent to steal card information
  • Possessing equipment or material to counterfeit credit cards
  • Trafficking credit cards
  • Selling merchandise purchased with stolen credit cards for cash or over the Internet
  • Operating a facility in which counterfeit or illegal credit cards are manufactured or produced

If you or a loved one is facing one or more criminal charges of fraudulent activity in connection with credit or debit cards it is imperative that you seek help of a skilled and knowledgeable credit card fraud defense attorney in Los Angeles to help strategize a strong defense to minimize potential penalties and jail time. We invite you to contact our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at (213) 248-6784 today for a free consultation and case review.

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